There is paperwork to get finished if you’re an American citizen and you want to wed a Vietnamese girl Although it will take some time and effort, it is crucial to follow both countries ‘ rules. You might encounter legal issues in the future if you do n’t.

The first step is to arrange a face-to-face meeting with your upcoming wife. This is crucial to ensuring that you both know one another personally and that your intentions for the marriage are sincere. Speaking with her home users to find their thoughts on the relationship is also a smart move.

It is time to start the paperwork process after you have spoken with your future spouse and met with her household. You must request a matrimonial subscription situation from the region people’s committee in your home. You must also show proof of address and a card photograph in addition to this. If you do n’t speak Vietnamese, it’s a good idea to have an official notary public or translator translate your documents for you. The District People’s Committee has a list of the speakers that are available in the nation.

Additionally, you must deliver a sworn affidavit stating that you are one and eligible for marriage. Depending on the embassy, this can cost less than$ 100, though. It is crucial to remember that the sworn petition must become signed by both parties.

Finally, you will need the Consulate to authenticate your documents. It is a good idea to begin this process as soon as you may because it can take several weeks to complete. You can email the Consulate for help if you have any concerns.

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To bring your wife to the United States after your wedding is registered, you must finish the emigration procedure. The most popular method for American people to accomplish this is through a K-1 card, also known as fiancee visa. You can then get a green card after getting married to your Vietnamese partner. You can bring your wife to the United States as a legal permanent resident once you have your natural id.

Despite the fact that the matter is the subject of much debate, several Vietnamese girls are happy to marry Americans. A cursory examination of the unions between Americans and Vietnamese reveals that about one-third of them are military personnel on active duty, substantially fewer than a third are Americans working as civilians, and the remaining men are former service members who have returned to Vietnam to wed their ex-husbands.

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